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Space Talk – O Kosmosie przy barze – Wroclaw 23/11/2018

Space Talk – O Kosmosie przy barze – Wroclaw 23/11/2018


Why do we keep thinking about space, even after we leave work? What is „SPACE”? What do we mean by „SPACE”? What is „SPACE” to us? What can you do in Polish space sector? How can you develop yourself in it? Is it even worth your time?

Let’s meet to get to know each other and share our passion and points of view. We’ll talk about education, project management, rockets, satellites, exploration – subject is not the limit!

All these and more will be discussed during Space Talk in Wrocław, organized by Polish Space Professionals Association and Scanway.

Tell us what is it that drives you in space?



LIFTOFF (T0): 23/11/2018 @ 18h00

T0 – official welcome and a first presentation [in Polish, no translation provided]

T0  + 1h30m – open mic for everybody. Tell us why space is your secret love!

Following: group photos, informal networking

Event Speakers:
Mikołaj Podgórski – Mikolaj is a COO at Scanway, working on Earth Observation satellite projects..

Przemyslaw Radzik – Przemek is working as a systems engineer on Earth Observation satellite projects, but his passion from space comes from Human Exploration.

Ewa Majewska – Eyes on the stars, feet on the ground.

More at https://spacetalks.net/event/space-talk-pl/

Sponsorzy: Komes Sp. z o.o. oraz CloudFerro Sp. z o.o.